Zuora Implementation

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Zuora Implementation
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We have conducted over 40 Zuora implementations, worldwide.
Solution Design
Before configuring Zuora, we design a solution tailored to the customer's needs based on the gathered information and past implementation experience. We model business requirements and map business processes including:

Pricing - How your product catalog is priced, e.g. monthly or annually.

Billing - Recurring invoice generation, prorations and usage rating.

Payments - Compliance topics and payment method support e.g., card, invoice
or PayPal.

Finance - Subscription metrics, reporting, revenue recognition and accounting.
Platform Configuration
We model subscription management use cases such as subscriber acquisition, upgrades, downgrades, suspensions and cancellations within Zuora. We configure and test on a sandbox and production environment.
The customer's products are configured in Zuora’s product catalogue
We ensure that the correct billing behaviour is based on a variety of charge models for one-time, recurring and usage-based products.

We also configure: Invoice templates, communication profiles, chart of accounts, tax engine, reports, payment gateways, instant gratification, provisioning, payment reminders, email templates, quoting and more.
Integrations and Customisations
We can integrate Zuora with any other system such as commerce, partner portal, CRM, payment service provider, ERP, general ledger, marketing, BI and home-grown systems. We can also create custom logic and workflows tailored to the needs of your business to become a fully automated and scalable ecosystem.
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