Subscription Suite

Manage and sell subscriptions
The leading subscription commerce platform
keylight platform
The frontend to your Zuora billing system
Natively built for subscription commerce with three channels for subscribers, sales teams and resellers to enable easy subscriber acquisition and retention. Let our subscription experts guide you through which channels you need.
Subscription Suite
Built for subscribers, sales teams and resellers
Our Subscription Suite channels. Which channel do you need?
Create unlimited customer journeys
Subscriber Channel
Unleash efficiency for sales teams
Sales Team Channel
Take control of third party transactions
Reseller Channel
Subscription Suite
Integrate with any system you need
Subscription Suite comes out of the box with a range of prebuilt integrations.
Subscription Suite
Most essential features
Everything you need in a seamless frontend for your subscription business
Integrated Shopping Cart
Display and sell products and services billed through Zuora
Quoting & CPQ
Guide your sales reps through complex deal arrangements
Personalise the style to your own corporate identity
Support subscription-centric voucher codes and discounts
User Management
Manage user access to resources and Single Sign-On
Integrate with Zuora and any other system you need (e.g. Salesforce)
Let customers manage their own subscriptions
Language & Currencies
List products and services in multiple languages and currencies
Product Hierarchies
Manage product dependencies eg base products, add ons & bundles
Subscription Suite
Get up and running quickly
Although each of our projects are tailored to our customers, we have a general procedure from scoping to roll out 
Week 1
Scoping & Consulting
Project Manager, Solution Architect
  • Finding out customer journeys and catalogues through workshops and questionnaires
  • Defining goals for acquisition & nurturing
Week 2
Solution Architect, Project Manager
  • Depicting, configuring and documenting the solution
  • Defining processes & making a concept
Week 3
Technical Consultant, Project Manager
  • Connecting Subscription Suite with system
  • Determining set up rules & product catalogue
Week 4
Developer, Solution Architect, Graphic Designer, Project Manager
  • Adapting styling even closer to CI
  • Implementing non-standard systems (e.g. self-developed data base)
Week 5-6
Test & Roll-Out
Technical Consultant, Developer, Solution Architect, Graphic Designer, Project Manager
  • Running end-to-end testings
  • Connecting with website and activating acquisition entry points (links from website, quoting process)
  • Supporting rollout, training
Subscription Suite
Hello recurring revenue, goodbye one-off sales
Omnichannel Subscription Management
Optimized subscriber acquisition, retention and management through the Subscriber Channel, Sales Channel and Reseller Channel.
Natively built for subscription businesses
Handles all subscription use cases throughout the ongoing customer lifecycle with a highly automated subscription management process.
Unlimited subscriber journeys possibilities
Define and model journeys for first-time subscribers and existing customers to retain, build and continuously grow customer relationships.
Integrated Zuora front-end platform
Full understanding of the Zuora data model and architecture with out-of-the-box Zuora integration, as well as other relevant IT systems.
Subscription Suite
Frequently asked questions
Here's what we've been asked lately
Can Subscription Suite be adjusted to match corporate identities? 
Absolutely, Subscription Suite is totally adjustable and can be matched to any desired style. Book a session with someone in our our creative technology team to explore your options. 
Is Subscription Suite out of the box? 
Yes, the Suite is a plug and play ecommerce interface natively built for subscription businesses which use Zuora. Book a demo and see it for yourself today.
How do Subscription Suite and Zuora fit together?
Subscription Suite is the industry-leading frontend ecommerce solution for Zuora. Zuora is the subscription billing management system, whilst Subscription Suite is the frontend platform which works with Zuora. Together they create the optimal subscription monetisation ecosystem.
Please contact us for more information