Subscription Suite

subscription suite
The leading subscription commerce software
Subscription Suite is a plug and play opportunity capture software solution natively built for subscription businesses. Its three portals: Subscriber Portal, Sales & Service Portal and Partner & Reseller Portal cater to complex subscriber journeys, enabling seamless subscriber acquisition and retention.
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Subscriber Portal

Enables customers to access their subscriptions via self-service, with specialised hosted pages for product selection, shopping cart, checkout, customer portal and digital quote acceptance.

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Partner & Reseller Portal

Lets partners and resellers take control over their subscribers and transactions and allows invoices to be sent to both partners and customers from the same place.

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Sales & Service Portal

Integrates with any CRM system and enables administrative procedures like CPQ, digital quote acceptance, signing up new subscribers or making changes to existing subscriptions.

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Acquisition Enhancing Features
Subscription Suite is an OOTB software solution natively built for subscription business models. Its core engine has an administrative backend with many features and integrations, a selection of them are listed below:
Complex product dependencies and bundles
validation rules
Validation rules
Workflows and automation
user management and sso
User management and SSO
multi-language currency
Multi-language & multi-currency
voucher codes
Voucher codes & discounts
cascading amendments
Cascading amendments
Integrations (CMS, CRM, subscription mgmt. etc.)
shopping cart
Shopping cart displays product selection & charge types
Easy styling to match any corporate identity
hosted pages
Hosted pages for simple implementation
Developer SDK for advanced implementation
Benefits & technical features
Portal solutions for all stakeholders