Reseller Channel

Reseller Channel
Where partners and resellers complete transactions on behalf of customers and conduct referrals
Essential capabilities 
The Reseller Channel is modular, so it can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Pick and choose which modules you need.
Reseller Sales
Enable resellers to sell on licenses
Enables third party quoting and sales processes
Easy styling to match any corporate identity
Transaction Management
Complete transactions on behalf of customers
Partner Referrals
Control partners and their sale comissions
Integration with any system you need eg. CMS, CRM and subscription management
Reseller & Partner Portal
Take control of how your partners and resellers assign and manage subscriber transactions. Seamless integration between your resellers and Zuora, send invoices to resellers or customers and manage your reseller relationship with Zuora.
Integrate with any system you need
Subscription Suite comes with a range of prebuilt integrations.
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