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Rolls Royce
Cloud ERP for Aero Engines. Learn how keylight helps to reveal the history of millions of turbine parts.

Rolls Royce

How can you raise high ERP standards even higher? Rolls Royce plc is listed on the Financial Times Stock Exchange Index in London and is best known for its manufacture of engines and components for aviation, as well as for shipping and energy technology.



Within the framework of aircraft turbine production, a number of different parts are used. These parts are procured from a variety of sources, stored, and installed in different ways. Thus an operational turbine ultimately consists of many individual components that all possess different characteristics as well as an individual manufacture, transport, and/or storage history. When producing extremely safety-focused units such as aircraft turbines, it is of particular relevance to make all this information accessible to participating engineers, and to do so in an uncomplicated, real-time manner. keylight was commissioned to develop a digital system, which – based on the existing Rolls Royce logistics system – would make all this data available in a simple way and at the right place.



For a business like Rolls Royce, with all its striving for innovation and all the elegance of its systems integration, one principle is key: “Safety first.” A system that can follow each component that exists within the company in real time, including the provision of its history at all relevant access points, is an important building block within the framework of Rolls Royce’s “Zero Defects Business.”


"Very often you got to find out what our customers really want – beyond what they express in the first meeting. One of my main challenges is to become our clients´ partner. We aim to establish an open partnership – we want to understand what works best for them and not challenge technology just for the sake of it."

Jens Wübbenhorst – Head of Technology