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cleaning store
Digital service at work. Learn how keylight helps companies to offer cleaning services at their office.

Cleaning Store

How can employees get their business shirts cleaned most efficiently? Cleaning Store Company AG operates a classic textile cleaning business. With its seven branches in Zurich and vicinity, it is among the leading local providers. The company is currently accelerating the spread of its self-service laundry pickup stations (Clean Terminals) to onsite business customers. Dirty laundry can be dropped off via app at a corresponding terminal and then be picked up again forty-eight hours later, fresh and clean. As of now, around fifty terminals have been positioned among new business customers, such as Swiss Life, Credit Suisse, or KPMG. Thanks to its lean digital solution model, Cleaning Store saves on maintenance costs, receives important data on utilization rates and usage behavior, and is constantly able to contact its users via push notifications.

Sometimes making things very simple can require a very complicated process. Especially the fact that we had to make their service as smooth as possible was a challenge.
Holger Buchholz – Lead Mobile Developer


The growing acceptance of digital services ensures that new opportunities are offering themselves in many previously analogue industries. Successful players must manage to bring their services directly to the customer and design them in a manner that is as simple and user-friendly as possible. If they achieve this, they themselves can grow in these traditionally non-dynamic market segments. With this step, Cleaning Store AG is striving to assume market leadership in this segment through innovation leadership in the digitalization of Zurich’s textile cleaning business.



Over the course of its innovation offensive, keylight was commissioned to develop a contemporary, user-friendly Clean Terminal system, a hardware solution, and a complete relaunch of the web presence. In order to design the Clean Terminals in a user-friendly manner, internal processes were digitalized and fundamentally optimized. keylight developed a solution by which only three hardware devices – namely the user’s own smartphone with a corresponding app, a physical Clean Terminal with a computer, and a receipt printer – are used. In just a few simple steps, users can drop off their laundry, pay cash-free, and pick it up again. The solution was awarded the German Digital Award in silver in the category of “digital transformation – innovation” in 2018.


"Exploding digital opportunities let many entrepreneurs dream of endless scalability. Fair enough. Still, every ventures’ main mission is to build and monetize long-term customer relationships.So your main weapon is still a very sound business model that has the potential to convince the right people."

Dr. Daniel Werner – Founder & CEO