Bubble Box

Laundry when and where you need it. Learn how keylight helps to master complex delivery logistics.

Bubble Box

How far can digitalization go if it comes to cleaning the laundry? BUBBLE BOX is a largely digitalized cleaning service in the Zurich area. The company accepts orders from private and business customers via app, collects laundry on site, cleans it and delivers the fresh laundry within forty-eight hours. Orders and payments are managed entirely online. The users’ desired pickup and delivery times as well as delivery vehicle logistics are coordinated in real time.



BUBBLE BOX was developed and implemented from scratch. Here a system was developed that automatically depicted all work steps from customer management and payment all the way to delivery and quality control. An algorithm developed by keylight harmonizes orders with delivery cycles, thus ensuring time and resource-saving delivery routes.

Bubble Box provides an excellent example of digitalization helping a very traditional business to grow.
Jan-Hendrik Prinz – Senior Solution Architect


In many service areas involving analogue service elements – e.g., taxis, rental cars, food deliveries – competitiveness is gained by digitalizing platforms with simple and consistent digital service. BUBBLE BOX is one of three important players staking a claim in the Swiss metropolis. Through its consistent digitalization, the company is reaching for a considerable increase in its market share.

“For me, helping a digital venture to flourish means, on the one hand, going into every little
detail of the business to understand how to deliver customer value. On the other hand, I have to challenge my entrepreneurial clients to think their business in into a bigger, digital picture. This entrepreneurs perspective and the people behind it is are what excites  me most and what makes me get up every morning.”

Erik Weibel – Head of Solution Architecture Switzerland