Data Pipelines

Zuora data transfer made easy
Data Pipelines
Designed to easily transfer your data to your general ledger, CRM and analytics software. We offer a pool of connectors for the most common systems: SAP, DATEV, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce and more.
Transactional Integration with GL

Transfer every transaction such as invoice items, credit notes or recognized revenue to your accounting system and define advanced accounting code structure. 

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Automated Summary Journal Sync

Use Zuora as a subledger and let one of your connectors automatically synchronize the summary journal entries with your general ledger. Advanced accounting code mapping is also available. 

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Sync, Automate and Schedule

Schedule and automate your data transfers and ensure a smooth synchronization with your ECM or ERP system. 

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BI Tools / Analytics Integration

Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web-readiness.

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Choose a Connector

Choose from a pool of connectors for Salesforce, SAP, MS Dynamics, Sage and Datev or request a custom connector for your individual CRM. 

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Transfer your Zuora data

Transfer, transform and enrich all your Zuora data into any other system including GL exports and summary journal exports. 

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Common applications


Create lookup tables to enrich your Zuora data. Map countries or customer types with your accounting codes before exporting the data. You are completely free in specifying lookup tables based on your selected data and conditions. The looked up data is automatically available for export.


We offer you a pool of predefined connectors for the most common systems like SAP, DATEV, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or Sage. Based on generic exporters we are able to easily connect your specific system with through Data Pipelines. Currently FTP / SFTP uploads, API calls, MSSQL inserts and AWS S3 uploads are available. If your CRM uses other protocols, we can provide an individual custom connector.


Data Pipelines allows you to format Zuora data for your target systems. Based on the templating engine Handlebars you can flexibly specify the pipeline‘s output. You can use expressions, formatters and helpers for it. Overall formatters can output the incoming data in any required format like JSON documents, XML or database inserts.


Run your pipelines automatically based on flexible schedules. You can specify an initial start and end date, as well as the repeat interval. Data Pipelines will execute the data pipeline for you.

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