Smart law
We made digital contracting easy and seamless for SmartLaw.


How far can automatization in legal consulting go? SmartLaw is a digital legal document portal and is a subsidiary of the global legal and business service provider Wolters Kluwer. The publishing house, which traditionally operates in the print sector now generates more than 70% of its revenue through digital solutions. SmartLaw offers digital, personalized legal documents. These include, for example, employment contracts, certificates, leases and powers of attorney. In many cases, the service saves users from having hire a lawyer and enables fast, immediately available contract preparation. Most of the service is offered as a subscription model and in the form of usage quotas.



To help SmartLaw customers better manage services booked through the platform, developed the overall integration concept for the project, developed the solution and added support for new digital payment methods such as PayPal. In addition, a custom voucher tool was developed to make marketing campaigns more efficient.keylight was asked to develop an individualized self-service area and a customer center within the existing cloud infrastructure.


SmartLaw provides a strong solution for clients to manage many of their contract issues by themselves in a save and convenient way.
Florian Wegener – Project Manager


The publishing industry, which only a few years ago was still based almost exclusively on the print business, has long been under massive pressure to fundamentally reconsider its business model. Now, their products are increasingly being transformed into online services – either as one-time purchases or as subscriptions. With the SmartLaw, Wolters Kluwer is now entering a new market segment of on-demand high-quality legal documents - created online and ready to print within minutes.

"To succeed with a digital venture you need to reduce complexity and friction resulting from interdisciplinary challenges and processes. Harmonizing technologies and systems is key to reach this goal."

Dr. Marco Sarich – Founder & CEO