We optimised digital workflows to help administer over 10,000 B2B subscription customers for Orderbird.


How can digitalization make a simple service even simpler? Orderbird provides digital POS, invoicing, and payment systems for the restaurant business. With over 10,000 business customers, the company is among the leading providers in Europe. The POS system easily manages cash payments, but it displays its full elegance when it comes to cash-free transactions. The necessary hardware consists merely of an iPad as a cash register, smartphones as the servers’ input devices, as well as a combined card-reading device and receipt printer.

Thanks to Orderbird, restaurant owners can inexpensively provide their customers with a convenient and modern service. For example, Orderbird offers contact-free credit card payments and straightforward payment and turnover management via a clearly-structured software.

Sometimes the most common things can be very fascinating. Orderbird revolutionized a little part of our everyday life.
Niels Hillner – Art Director


The market for payment and invoicing solutions in the restaurant business is currently being entirely redistributed among mobile providers that solve digitalization challenges for restaurant owners on a pragmatic basis. One important element here is the trend towards cash-free payments, which is developing more slowly in Germany that in other European countries, but is nevertheless inexorably moving forward. For restaurant owners, such POS systems have so far entailed high financial and organizational outlays. Oderbird is a game changer and provides a flexible and inexpensive solution to this problem.



The few visible hardware elements in the Orderbird POS system are backed by extensive software. Business customers subscribe to the services and pay a regular usage fee. keylight allows Orderbird to implement a more effective digital subscription platform and depict its entire business within it. Moreover, keylight tailored invoicing models to the Orderbird business, thus providing the company with more strategic creative possibilities regarding its service and product design.


"The user experience of a smartphone challenges a developer to be concise: make it logical and stick to the point. This pragmatism translates from mobile apps to success in all digital businesses. Be short and be clear!"

Holger Buchholz – Lead Mobile Developer