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"keylight's mission is to support subscription businesses that operate digital services and platforms based on cloud technologies."

Marco Sarich - CEO and Founder

We help you in building and monetizing long-term customer relationships. We love making scalable business models work through all stages of the IT project lifecycle.

The story behind keylight and Subscription Suite
From maths to global software provider

The beginning: mathematicians conquer the digital space

keylight started not as a company, but as two friends, Marco Sarich and Daniel Werner, who had just finished their PHds in Mathematics. Upon completion, they began researching the future of the digital space. The main challenge they wanted to address was the crossroads between business and technology and they soon formed a company which would soon become a pioneer in the world of digital platforms. The lively 'start-up friendly' environment of Berlin gave keylight the opportunity to deal with a variety of modern business models and keylight quickly became an effective partner for business platforms.

Early adoption of the Subscription Economy

keylight encountered the Subscription Economy early in its lifecycle, before it had flourished as a global phenomenon. Noticing a gap in the market, keylight began concentrating on the development of subscription platforms. After implementing a huge number of such platforms, the development of their own software the Subscription Suite unfolded. 

keylight Subscription Suite

Subscription Suite is a portal solution which enables companies to access and administer complex platforms in a simple way, automise their workflows and let all stakeholders easily interact. It fulfils the need for a deep integration between web portals and eCommerce and has an integrated shopping cart, giving subscription businesses more control over complex situations. As well as this, it has a scalable reseller portal, allowing for the management and settling of partners with huge amounts of subscribers.

Going global

keylight is now a global player in the world of subscription platforms with customers spanning across the world and has a second office in Zürich.

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